Awakening Humanity with Darieth Chisolm - Marci on Medicine Series

In this conversation I’m honored to dive in with Darieth Chisolm.  This incredible woman is an Emmy award-winning TV host, news anchor, author, coach, activist, and filmmaker.   She recently released the documentary “50 Shades of Silence.”

Having an extremely successful career, Darieth had been feeling like the enthusiasm, joy and excitement in her work had diminished and she was wondering what was next. 

As she was then called forth to work with plant medicines, we converse about each step of her sacred authentic journey from being called forth to work with these sacred sacraments for the first time, to her preparation, overcoming fears, following her heart, what she experienced and happened, the insights, healing and visions she received, her integration and experience after, along with what she discovered was next.

Along with all of this goodness around her journey, she shares many nuggets of wisdom that has assisted her along her entrepreneurial journey and what she is excited about now and creating as her passion project that is awakening humanity. 

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You are worthy of ALL of it and playing into your most luscious life. 

Thanks for joining me for the show & I look forward to continuing the journey with you.

I love you infinitely, completely, always and in ALL ways…

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