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SunDari Marci Lock



Aligned to Manifest

12 Month Divine Life Mastery Portal & Coaching Program

for living your Greatest Life



OFFER only $360 a month

Enter a 12-Month Portal to Your Liberation


With a combination of Embodiment Practices,
Alchemical Tools,  Breakthrough Coaching Calls,
and Community Support. . .

The Aligned to Manifest program will help you

Quantum Leap into your Ultimate Life of Having It All


Flexible payment plans with monthly instalments

You know you are  h
ere in life to...

✧ Live life from your greatest joy, highest excitement, and ultimate pleasure & play

✧ Serve your community through sharing your unique gifts

✧ Receive and recirculate New Earth Abundance

And you are ready to fully REMEMBER that …



As a God that is here experiencing all the ways to be Human...

Every moment is your gift ... discover and remember your unique voice, essence, codes, gifts, design and capabilities to fully unleash and experience the unapologetic expression of ALL of YOU.

To Remember Your Divinity

And you are ready to fully REMEMBER that …



As a Light Being that is here experiencing all the ways to be Human...

Every moment is your gift ... discover and remember your unique voice, essence, codes, gifts, design and capabilities to fully unleash and experience the unapologetic expression of ALL of YOU.

To Remember Your Divinity

The Reality most of us are experiencing is…

➵ A world of collective 3D programming which is why most stay stuck and stagnant in limitation, struggle, and sacrifice as their norm.

➵ Where we’ve been taught to live and create based on the way we’re told things “should” or “have to” look. These limited stories, beliefs, and programs keep us operating from a scared/smaller self in a culture of limitations, comparisons, settling, and tolerating.

➵ We live in an earth-plane where we have been programmed from lack and scarcity, taught poverty consciousness from a young age, and trained to look for what we don’t have instead of appreciate what we do.

➵ We’ve settled for empty bank accounts and a laundry list of “someday” dreams instead of being able to see and experience the infinite supply of abundance and magic everywhere that allows us to live in a fulfilled state of bliss everyday and in everything with ease.

➵ And we know there’s MORE, yet it can feel lonely, scary, & uncertain with a world of doubts to step off the common collective 3D path of limitations as you open up to remember all you are, are capable of and what you are truly here to fully experience.

I get it, lover.

I came from all of the same programming that may be stewing within your system right now, wreaking havoc on your life, creating more of the same old bullsh*t.

What we vibrate, we manifest.

Are you ready to allow yourself to create and receive what you REALLY want?

What you are worthy of is to align your vibration with your most audacious dreams, your grandest vision, and the most joyful & luscious desires of your heart.

Because that is WHO you ARE 

and it is what you’ve always been WORTHY of…


I get it, lover.

I came from all of the same programming that may be stewing within your system right now, wreaking havoc on your life, creating more of the same old bullsh*t.

What we vibrate, we manifest.

Are you ready to allow yourself to create and receive what you REALLY want?

What you are worthy of is to align your vibration with your most audacious dreams, your grandest vision, and the most joyful & luscious desires of your heart.

Because that is WHO you ARE 

and it is what you’ve always been WORTHY of…


Welcome to Aligned to Manifest!






A Portal of Liberation, Mastermind & Community playground for the Embodiment of your Highest Self as an Integrated Soul, 

That is here to experience ALL that is available to you

As a New Human of the New Earth.

You’ll receive all the tools and tune-ups required to create these types of results in your life.


Through this 12-month sacred portal you will:

Become a master of your own vibration and energy so you can effortlessly embody all that you desire

Activate your Source Divinity consciousness codes and create the reality you really want

Learn the alchemical tools, integration & embodiment to continually transmute your suffering into  liberation

Inner-stand how to work in congruence with Universal Truths so you can manifest your dreams with more ease, grace & flow. 

We will…


mental debris, outdated programming, and stuck energy


your highest joy, ultimate sovereignty, and greatest impact


your DNA, your unique gifts & light, and your passion & purpose

So you can take your power back and co-create a life far vaster

than your human mind imagined possible

We’ll do this all through Embodiment and Integration of Higher Frequencies & ways of Consciousness, Divine Rituals & Sacred Teachings, Channeled Transmissions, Transformational Coaching, Emotional Expression & Cleansing, Activations & Connection processes, Encoding and Timeline Hopping, along with all the Tools to Alchemize, Energetically Align, Encode, Manifest, and Integrate continually into greater and greater ways of being and RECEIVING. 


And... so, so, so much more.


Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?



You are worthy of transforming every area of your life!


Your Aligned to Manifest Modules

  1. Alchemical Mastery - Freedom activations, emotional alchemy, inner child healing, and vision mastery to create the life you want 
  2. Source - God - Divinity  Consciousness - Awakening & Operating through Divinity, Laws of Remembrance, Releasing your Unconscious Commitments to embrace your ultimate sovereignty and creativity.
  3. The Sacred Art of Alignment - Re-Coding & upgrading your Environment & Reality, Daily Manifestation Rituals, Empowerment Focus, Morning Alignment Activation, Night Time Etheric Coding, Activations, Embodiment Tools & Rituals to master your vibration.
  4. Breath, Play, & Movement - Breath Practices & Activations to Transform, Light Body Flexibility Trainings to open your energy channels, intuition & expand your capacity.
  5.  Ascension & Receiving - Conscious Language to Expansion, Ascension upgrades, Receiving Effect & micro alignments to continually expand to receive from the overflow of life.
  6.  Inner Parts Training -Discovering & healing all inner parts & aspects of the self to transform them into your greatest strengths. 
  7. The Sacred Art of Attunement -The Laws of Frequency & Attunement to live a high vibe life, becoming an energy jedi, Manifestation tools to a new reality.
8. Body Consciousness & The Rainbow Body - Clearings, teachings on epigenetics & inherited trauma, body awareness tools, and relationship with food upgrades to harmonize your physical and higher bodies.
9. The Light Body Health Hacks - Health hacks, detoxifying protocols, and light body codes to support you in embodying eternal youth, endless vitality, and divine beauty.
10. Knowing Thyself Expansion into Divinity - Identity releasing teachings, Highest Self activations, devotional practices, manifestation techniques, and remembrance of your divinity to help you remember who you really are.
11. Full Expression Activation - Sound alchemy, voice activation, and multidimensionality remembrance to become the boldest, biggest, and most empowered you.
12. New Earth Abundance - Lack mentality deprogramming, abundance creation, money consciousness upgrades, infinite prosperity teachings, and manifestation rituals to embody New Earth Abundance now.
13. Aligned Relationship Expansion - Relationships as sacred mirror reflections, the relationship with the self & divine, feminine & masculine harmonization, sacred union teachings, neutrality to Heal and Forgive relationships and experiences, transitioning, compatibility and conscious communication strategies and more to magnetize soul mate relationships into your reality.
14. Sacred Sensuality Portal of Love-  Pleasure codes, sensual exploration, kundalini awakening, sex magic rituals, kama yama sex mastery teachings, womb activations and healing to allow you to master your life force, creativity, and sacred sexuality as a fully free, embodied divine being.
15. Divine Feminine Codes - Divine Feminine flow teachings, empowered sovereignty activations, the Codes of Isis, open heart manifestation practices, and priestess/priest activations, to remember how to live a magically liberated life of service and yumminess entirely guided by Spirit.
15. Enlightened Embodied Leadership - Practices to work with your spiritual team, self-mastery and genius activations, new paradigm sales teachings, sacred boundary setting, team dynamics, and embodiment practices to become a living breathing empire standing within your highest light, greatest joy, and uttermost devotion.
16. Golden Age Alchemy & Rituals -Multidimensionality embracing practices, creative expression from your highest frequency of light, remembrance of your true nature, alchemical tools to continually transmute your reality into your greatest gift, & the subtle attunement practices to continually expand.
17.  Divinity Keys - Access a full course on understanding your own design, Gene Keys profile and pathways you were born with to expand into your greatest gifts and reality. 


18. Peace for the Planet

7 Days of Light Code Activations

7 Light Code Activations, Q&A Sessions, Peace as a Priority Teachings, Inner Peace Practices,  clearing techniques, attunements practices, and channeled galactic encoding rituals to raise the frequency of your whole self and create planetary healing and liberation.
These activations were channeled Live by SunDari as an assignment from the Sirian High Council, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, the Galactic Federation, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters to cleanse the system and re-code and activate the DNA to higher frequencies to operate as New Humans of the New Earth.
Each of these were guided to take you through layers of frequency upgrades and include a deep Cleansing to Heal, Recalibration to Divinity, Integration to Expand, Alignment to Highest Self Consciousness, Integration to Receive, Recalibration to the New Earth Abundance, and Coding into Divinity.

Enjoy these activations and Q&A sessions to clear, deprogram, and decode your reality in order to make space for what it is you truly want to manifest. Align your energy with the new reality. Become a New Human working with the highest frequencies of light currently available to this planet. 

This experience was and is transformational to go through and you can continue to reutilize these specific activations to upgrade your frequency and life.

Words about the Peace for the Planet Activations:


You’ll leave this program a new version of you - bolder, brighter, lighter, more grounded, and more realized.


And so much more will continually be added into the libraries for you to Access...


Are you ready for this juicy New Human activation of your remembrance?



In the program, SunDari will coach you through 18+ Breakdown to Breakthrough calls. These are her world-renowned deep-dive, transformational support calls. These calls regularly go from 3-5 hours, and you’ll leave feeling elevated and inspired to take the next action steps to create the life you’ve imagined. 
She’ll masterfully guide you and the rest of the Aligned to Manifest soul tribe to discover the things you need to see in order to create the shifts you want in your life. She’ll help you get clear on your unconscious commitments, recalibrate to what you really want, and know what you need to do to take the next inch towards having it.
She’ll intuitively guide you through the perfect processes, clearing techniques, embodiment methods, and more to align to all that you desire. You’ll be met in a safe space to share your most vulnerable truths, daunting dreams, and vivacious victories. Everything is safe here, Beloved. Let’s breakdown to breakthrough together.

Some Words from

Breakdown to Breakthrough Clients:

Madeleine Hardus

Thank you Marci Lock, Fallon Jaye, Crystal Michelle and Rebecca Enders so much for call 5, it was amazing, you're all so beautiful! So many take aways!! Some of them are: practise getting excited/wonderment for the unknown. Valuing what I bring in. What is your relation to time? There's time and abundance for everything we get to do. Your life is your purpose. Appreciation is the key to where you wanna go and be.

Rebeccca Enders

Hello loves!  Thank you all for allowing me to be seen, heard, supported, and guided from my breakdown to a breakthrough with magical Marci Lock!  I wanted to share that since the session, I have been experiencing so much insight, expansion, open hearted communication, deep healing, clearing, harmony, and transformation in my relationship with my husband. I haven't even had a chance to listen to the recording so I know it is only going to get better and better as I implement and embody all of the incredible wisdom!  I am also so grateful to myself, for stepping out of my comfort zone and choosing to be vulnerable and supported in such a public way.  I appreciate all of you and your beautiful light and this powerful and purposeful container we have created. What a gift!!

Daniel Hosher
Just finished up the second half of the Open Mic... Awesomeness!
I'm receiving fully that life really does get to be pleasure, play, freedom, adventure, abundance, and that my frequency... and the actions that flow from that frequency are what's creating my reality.
How I don't have to settle for a "less than" experience, as long as I'm willing to take responsibility for what I'm creating, and take the corresponding actions to receive and create what I want... and there's no cap on what I can create!
I'm noticing how I've been so fixed on mastering the HOW of creating what I want, and that there's actually a lot of ways to create what I want, and the biggest determining factors are....
my impeccable integrity 
my mastery of communication
knowing my worthiness
trusting that every "negative experience" is truly temporary and each holds a code to my greater remembrance and personal power.
acting with certainty that I'm creating greater and greater
I'm seeing now:
It's almost as if I put some major restrictions on myself to see if I could muster the effort to "succeed from the bottom" just like "everyone else"... and in doing so I received some major codes of self-reliance, resourcefulness, resilience, ingenuity, commitment, self-confidence and sovereignty...
And at the same time, I have all of this support! And things get to be easy and fun!
So bringing this higher personal standard and self mastery into alignment with recognizing/receiving the sheer abundance, support, and awesomeness that's always been here.
Nicholle Caldwell
Happy Day!
I'm celebrating me! I am so fucking proud of myself!
I am doing it! Kicking ass! I've been tracking with LLF sheet for a month today!
The biggest awareness I had was I would do everything except check-in here.
It was very interesting.
Even though I wasn't checking in here I decided to stretch myself daily.
An example has been wearing the bold amazing outfits that I feel like a Goddess in instead of the safe comfortable one that allows me to blend in & not be seen.
I've upped myself care practice to a whole new level & the Universe has met me with so much abundance & luxury. Its incredible.
I'm experiencing a whole new level of flow.
I really feel like I've quantum leaped in just the month I've been in here.
I'm giving myself permission to shine my light so fucking bright and thrive from my zone of genius.
Today, I launched a girls empowerment group program & some old stuff showed up & I was able to move through & clear it so quickly.
I feel the momentum in truly making a massive impact with women & children through circle programs and growing my business & making this a 7 figure year.
Everything is coming together quite effortlessly.
I'm doing less which I've heard about for awhile but its now clicking & I'm being & honoring me.
Thank you so much for this safe space.
I appreciate it💚

Murray Whittcombe

All in perfect Devine Timing... Module 6: The Law of Integrity. Thank You Marci Lock... I soooo needed to hear this today!! Just so many Golden Nuggets as always!! Floating in a constant state of Bliss!! Much Love to you ALL!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

What’s Included:

➵ 12 Months Support with SunDari (Value = $50,000+)

➵ 18+ Breakdown to Breakthrough Coaching Calls (Value = $20, 000+)

➵ Unlimited Private Facebook Community Support (Value = $997)

➵ 33+ Activating Audio Trainings (Value = $3,333)

➵ 20+ Enlightening Video Trainings (Value = $2,222)

➵ 24 Body Breakthrough Workout Videos (Value = $144)

➵ 40+ Awakening Discovery Assignments (Value = $4,444)

➵ 20+ Epic Activation Practices (Value = $7,777)

➵ 13+ Potent Guided Meditations  (Value = $611)

➵ 8+ Soul Ally Expert Interviews (Value = $888)

And... so, so, so much more.


Immediately upon sign-up you’ll gain access to our:

➵ Releasing Your Unconscious Commitments Training to start bringing awareness to the unconscious programs operating within your system that are programming the reality you’re living in (Value= $97)

➵ Freedom Activators Audio Series & Coachings to teach you SunDari’s Signature “5 Steps to Freedom.” This is the process that allowed her to create her Ultimate Life of Having It All from being a $2/hr waitress. It will help you go from unconscious creator, to conscious, and it will help you create more freedom and pleasure for yourself in every present moment (Value = $97)

➵ Lock Last Freedom Formula & Life Long Results Program to create change in every area of your life now  (Value = $88)

➵ Daily Manifestation Rituals Video Training to take the power back over your reality and to program greatness and bliss into it every day (Value = $97) 

➵ 24 Body Break Through Marci Lock Workout Videos to align your body to receive greater and greater (Value = $144)

➵ Breathwork & Flow Training to create space, freedom, and flow in your vessel to expand into all that you desire (Value = $222)

➵ 7 of SunDari’s Signature Meditations to activate every area of your life with magic and miracles (Value = $177)

➵ The Conscious Language to Have It All Coaching Series to give you the tools you need to encode your reality with your deepest desires (Value = $177)

Peace for the Planet Light Code Activation Series to encode your cellular structure with the highest light codes available to us from Galactic Support (Value = $2,444)

Inner Child Healing & Time Line Hop Activation to restore your history to perfection and Quantum Leap into your dream future now (Value $177)

➵ “As I Wake Today” Meditation and Activation Tool to align yourself first thing in the morning and create an empowered, successful day (Value = $177)

➵ Highest Self Activation - Receive God Essence Codes to operate fully connected from your Sovereign Self as the cosmic creator you came here to be (Value = $147)

➵ 8 Chakra Activation - so you can clear, cleanse, open, and expand into all that you came here to be (Value = $147)

We believe in...


As Aligned to Manifest start date approaches and continues, SunDari is always adding more of the next level codes and transmissions she is being guided to share which allows the library to continually be growing for you to access more.  You’ll continue to see new access to rituals, channeled transmissions, expanded content to the modules,  more guest speakers, guided meditations and so much more. 
We’ve only communicated the MINIMUM of what you’ll receive, and there’s a lot more yumminess than that awaiting your arrival, Beloved!
The combined value of this experience is well over $125,000. The upgrades you’ll receive are enough to take you from where you are to way beyond where you thought you could go.
And the best part? We’re making it SO SO SO SO SIGNIFICANTLY more accessible than that.
We want anyone fully committed to their growth, evolution, and sacred devotional service to be able to join.

➵ Teachers

➵ Coaches

➵ Mentors

➵ Healers

➵ Guides

➵ Mothers

➵ Fathers

➵ Light Workers

➵ Energy Alchemists

➵ Medicine Carriers

➵ Shaman-istas, priest-esses,
       brotherhood of the Magi

➵ Brothers & Sisters of

➵ The New Earth Humans

This program will be delivered at a level of investment that makes it accessible to all of you, Beloveds.


SunDari has been called to serve the masses.

Will you follow your sacred knowing?

Will you trust your inner yes?



This is for you if...


You are HERE to live in the Remembrance of ALL you are,


The Infinite Supply of Bliss, Abundance, Magic, Play & Light!!!

If this is in your hearts desire, then we invite you here and now

 into this sacred Portal & Mastermind of Transformational Change

to receive these codes, and to fully guide yourself

and others towards ultimate liberation.

It’s time to LAUGH our ASSES OFF at how simple and easy this can be, 

how much Joy, Bliss, Pleasure, Play, Connection and Prosperity is available 

as we now clearly see the cosmic joke and dive into the 



It is up to you to accept the calling forth & this sacred invitation...



Choose your highest timeline

Start from where you are


Our Aligned to Manifest clients receive upgrades in every area of their lives

➵ Sovereignty & Purpose

➵ Passion & Pleasure

➵ New Earth Abundance & Money

➵ Relationships & Connection 

➵ Expression & Creation 

➵ Light Body Health & Healing 

➵ Activation, Liberation, Integration, Embodiment & Remembrance through every aspect of life and way of BEING

This isn’t another surface level self-empowerment program.

This is the ticket to your Ultimate Life of Having It All,

beyond what your human brain ever thought was possible, Beloved!


Take your ticket and get on the ride!


Hi, I’m SunDari

The Alchemist of Light
also known as Marci Lock Mentor

... and I’m inviting you to join me and our soul family of New Earth Humans for a 9-month journey into your healing to create this life as your greatest adventure & love story, in your fullest expression, ultimate pleasure, play, joy, bliss, excitement and infinite abundance in your total liberation through your sovereignty.

Will you enter the sacred portal with us?

SunDari, The Alchemist of Light, and also known as Marci Lock Mentor is a stand for living life in bliss, liberation, and abundance now. She speaks from authentic experience and completely changed her own life and countless others. SunDari was a single mom working as a $2 per hour waitress in order to survive and care for her young boys when she embarked on the journey towards deprogramming, unlearning and de-story-ing her unconscious patterns.

SunDari’s growth and discoveries freed her and paved a path for others. She has coached some of the largest businesses and leaders in the world and was known as the ‘Million Dollar Mentor’ after clients invested up to $1M+ to work with her. Her previous 6-month masterminds used to go for 30-50 K per person.

This mastermind packs all that potency and more for a fraction of the investment, all because SunDari received this as a direct assignment from the Divine to serve the masses and lead them into the Golden Age and their Ultimate Liberation.

She utilizes a step-by-step process to transform lives from the inside out - rewriting unconscious commitments, beliefs, and programs and activating deep, life-changing upgrades. She’s a heart leader for humanity, and she is ready, willing, and able to guide you into your Ultimate Life of Having It All.

The Choice Is Yours, Beloved. 
You no longer have to
 remain trapped & struggling within the 3D programming
You can liberate yourself into 5D+ Consciousness
You no longer have to
Stay struggling within lack or scarcity
You can open up to unlimited New Earth Abundance
You no longer have to
Keep following “Have to's” or “Should's"
You can embrace the full freedom of your expression and your ultimate uniqueness
The Choice is Yours!
We invite you to join us now to enter into this sacred activation portal,

Enroll yourself into the Magic, Alchemy & Alignment to Your Greatest Life 


Your Ultimate Life of Having It All Awaits

Transform Every Area of Your Life, Beloved


Frequently Asked Questions


More testimonials from SunDari’s clients:


Still have questions?

 Please, fill out an application. There’s a section where you can share additional comments or questions, and when you’re invited to a call with someone from SunDari’s team, you’ll be able to have all your questions answered at once.



What Others Have To Say About Their Transformational Experience 

with SunDari, Marci Lock Mentor

Murray Whitcombe
Hello beautiful ATOM Soul Family!! I LOVE you ALL Unconditionally!!
Thank you Marci Lock for an incredible journey... I'm looking forward to becoming an affiliate with you and being able to promote Marci Lock on a daily basis, as I learn, expand and grow more creating my own Economy moving forward. I have been playing with and creating my own products as well as setting things up for my online business... marketing other peoples products (e.g: Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Marci Lock etc).
2021 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year for me as I breakthrough and ELIMINATE more and more of the fears and beliefs that have held me back in recent times, utilizing all the incredible resources etc I've learnt in this container.
The Love and Support from EVERYONE in this AWESOME Soul Family has been AMAZING and I thank you ALL from the bottom of my Heart!!
I am currently setting up my Amazon Affiliate page and require 3 sales before I can get an API key (which I require to complete set up). I was wondering if anyone here was considering buying anything from Amazon, and if so speak to me before purchasing (as I may be able to get it cheaper, and/or it would assist me if it went through my affiliate link). Marci or Kami Jensen please delete this section if it is deemed inappropriate to post this here.
After my chat with Marci on the last call, as she suggested... I have been making Emotional Release a DAILY Practice, chanting Koli Jaiah I am remembering I am ENOUGH. Feeling and knowing the depths of my shame and listening/meditating to P4P Day 2 - Recalibration to Divinity EVERYDAY!!, and the Inner Child Activation from Module 2. I am currently Fasting (and have been since a few days after the call). I have made some MASSIVE changes since that call, and my next step is to listen to and embody 'Creating Safety with the Self' and 'The Way of Neutrality' (Module 12).
I am TAKING ACTION like never before and am sooo GRATEFUL for this container and all the ATOM Soul Family!!
Much Love to ALL
Iså March
Sacred Gift, Divine Marci Lock  the excitement & gratitude, the amount of love & appreciation I feel as I am writing this sets on fire my entire Plexus bursting up into my Heart and blasting out into the field Whaaaaa! Words can sometimes undermine the ineffable... (ineffable, here's another powerful high vibrational word I learned in 2020!ca)
Sundari simply divinely landed in my emailbox; yup just like that, someday in April 2020 with a video called Intentionally creating the vortex of your reality.
From this moment, nothing has been the same. I was enchanted & activated, in awe & love at first sight. And pretty much same day put Marci's post-its all over my house.
Interestingly the greatest most impactful female teachers I have encounter so far in this physical reality are gorgeous blonds with blue eyes ence my mom who's great work in this time is of the Shadow aspect...Sundari being the last showing up, arriving in perfect divine order when I could receive her fully.
The discoveries & activations of P4P only magnified the Great Change, bigger then I could ever think nor feel then.  Puis, when beloved Kami Jensen and I had our talk about me enrolling in A2M another leap happened in my DNA;  I solely declared to both her & the Universe (and to my Self ) I was worthy A2M is the most meaningful and profound gift I rewarded myself with. And not the last!
Becoming part of Marci's field at that level simply catapulted Everything to a Whole New Higher Spectrum.
A2M has brought me so much, it holds so many keys & portals... So many layers unfolded and cleared even some of the most subtle & finest. Awareness & consciousness have been (still are) expanding like never before as A2M is working on a cellular level. One's has to experience it to grasp it's full essence as it is far bigger than what the Mind can comprehend, it is of Heart matter. It is huge. It is infinite. It is transcendental.
Now that I am studying my GeneKeys, thanks again to you Marci, I'm even more aware of the immensity of this grand divine assignment that is A2M for All Beings Involved. A massive propeller to Our New Human Form.
I would love to thank each and every Beloved Soul that is part of this Sacred Journey that is the Grand A2M Family, All of You Divine Light Beings I love you unconditionally and I appreciate you infinitely!!
Danni Woodard Hall
I want to take a minute and express my appreciation for the last call, the last six months, and everybody who is a part of holding space in this container of expansion and love. I love you guys so much.
I decided to hold a sacred cacao ceremony for myself today. What came up was that I was filled with so much anger and rage and hate. I realized it’s all stuff that I am caring, feeding into and allowing.
As I started to pray and commune with spirit I felt prompted to do a lot of cord cuttings for my exes, my children, and especially people that I feel are particularly draining energetically.... then I owned my part in the process knowing I had limiting beliefs, and no boundaries, thinking I had to save or fix others because they needed me.
I’ve been saying yes to a lot of things that sacrificed my own energy to give to others- not owning my no!!
I carried anger and resentment because no one was here helping me, or saving me, etc.  I was drowning in my grief, feeling powerless as everyone else took and took until I had nothing else to give, but it didn’t stop me from giving- it was a vicious cycle.
Today I was guided to ‘manifestation to remembrance’, in module 9, and everything I was feeling and experiencing Marci addresses and then more!
I’m am now taking more radical responsibility for myself. Owning my part in allowing others to treat me that way, but also forgiving myself for not feeling worthy to ask for a value exchange of energy.
My Mantras-
I allow myself to feel, heal and trust
I am enough
I am worthy to receive love, abundance, happiness, spiritual connection, and divine Union’s.
I am worthy to ask for assistance and receive all that serves my highest purpose
I trust it will arrive perfectly and in divine timing!!
I allow others to own their journey and experiences with out feeling responsibility to fix anything.
Thank you for seeing me,  validating  me,  and loving me exactly as I am.
This has been a beautiful journey.
Love to you all
Fiona Mauchlan
Marci Lock, I honor and love you with the depth of my soul. You have shown me with the gifts of amazing tools how to work with all things that arise each day with such ease and grace. My life has changed for I move through the world now from a divine place of centered peace. I have found my true passions for creation and am expressing with my heart fully. I am in love with life and all its ways it shows me more of myself to discover. I have connected with my galactic family and my true soul family. I feel aware and awake in all my expression. I love you so very much and my world has shifted into such brilliance and knowing of such divine divinity and I bless you and all our Manifest Family for such an exquisite journey into such wholeness and awakening And I celebrate this new world we will create all as one. Blessings Beloved Marci Lock I think back on who I was when this all started and I was trying to navigate my way and find my passion. Little did I know with your loving assistance It would unfold in such magic and so effortlessly. I did not see how much I could truly love myself and how this would ultimately change my world forever. I dance with the moon and stars with such delight for I am home. Thank You for the way you weave your magic that gently touches all our hearts and explodes forth into the universe adding to the beauty we each share into the collective of Mama Gaia
Pamela Rogers
I can't believe we are at the end of our journey together and so wish I could make it tonight but not sure I will be able to. What an amazing and transformational journey it's been. So much love, so much expansion, discovery and exploration. Thank you everyone for holding this sacred container with so much heart, I honour and witness each one of you and bless you all as we continue to grow and evolve that into which we've come here to do. I know I've not been here much since the passing of my beloved mama and uncle, it's been a tough, tough ride and to be honest I hit rock bottom during the last couple of months. I couldn't see the gold in the deep shit and what life was throwing. However, I'm slowly coming back home to and finding my way again. Mahoosive thanks to Rajesh and Gloria for messaging me when I was deep in it and thank you to Marci, Kami for putting together this fanastical life changing everlasting course, and for touching my soul and heart and to everyone else for just being amazing. Love you all. Sending you all my heart and blessings. I love you soul fam
Teula Tetreault
Embracing and Creating A constant state of pure love is the foundations and stability in the unknown I see Marci Lock as
She's constantly continuing to hear see feel break through the Barriers to get the ah ha's as breakdowns to breakthroughs assisting these stagnant or blocked energies within others shifting the timeline to open space up to recieve more upgrades for herself and her clients ....shes a reverbing feeling when she is assisting others. It is phenomenal to witness while she be/holds having a strong family feel flipping the switch within all knowing our investment in her multiplies within us.The ROI IS A no brainer once you've experienced this as your own results.
There is no expectation or attachment or taking on for herself as we all just are here as Being experiencing and that feels Divine and accepting in itself through peace.
She's pure love presence while many continue to secretly share with me that Marci being described as the purest energy they've experienced felt & in the moment by moment this massively catapults the collective in each & those she has called in as divine loves and besties from angelic realms as Soul Fam A2M to private clients is so effortlessly easy for her as this resonates into her very inner universe taking aligned micro steps then ripples into the multiverses as she continues to project /create with ease continually supported and supporting in her projects Globally and Massively you see her passion in all aspects as it generates more passion life force infinitely.
She continues to Infinitely gift each and everyone as higher states of life realm tools tips and tricks.
Marci continues to recieve infinite Abundance through portal play magic and miracles as her daily norm.Only in the highest love and reflections as All
She provides allowance to others as whats available to chose into for themselves and she constantly leans into / continues to exude new codes to recieve and provide...
I adore and love you infinites Marci LockThank you thank you thank for being you & all you continue to be/am through your own authentic light signature codes that is finely attuned energy marinated w Magic an Miracles withIn all ways &giving it all you infinitely Got through your mess/age as your Epic greatest gifts of wisdom you have learned exemplifying infinite POSSIBILITIES to the world continuously calls in to what the world desires and requires more an more of
through your Self Mastery you provide as your Genius... especially in this present Now as many gather seeing YOU in the forefront leadership role those of us knowing you first got to chose in on it by first giving it to yourself that being your own wholeness and successful results in every spectrum of life's experiences.
To then provide codes of Remembrance to others &how they get to Lead themselves by going first and successful implementation to recieve their results as well getting clear as to what is compatible to what we want more of as we all continue to recieve greater and greater in the Ascension birthing it to materialise physically as living beyond our best lives and that's a fuck n amazing to journey to share together.
Infinites Loves Beloved
Teula Rose
Rajesh Kumar Mistry
Hi Beloveds.
Yesterday I sent my testimonial to Kami Jensen by email and I felt to share it with you all as I am not doing justice to myself or any of you.......... And so here it is :-
Beloved Kami Jensen
I would like to take this opportunity also to fully express my love & appreciation to you for your love, support & innerstanding and your very own Diviness as a Beautiful Soul and Love Goddess that you are.
You know, I feel a little sad as we come to a closure of this beautiful part of our journey in A2M, and at the same time I feel so much joy and love that it will continue, and for having met You, Marci and allthe family, and all that has unfolded. All this has opened me up to so many breakthroughs, possibilities, friends, communities and also change & growth internally and externally. And this is only the BEGINNING! I/We haven't even started yet!!! LOL
And so, I Love you Kami Dear & I send you all my heartfelt love & appreciation for your love and support throughout this immersion. As I said, this is just the beginning of our/my journey for a forever Growing Family.
Much love to you Precious One
Marci Lock my Beloved Sister.
YOU ARE the Magic and the Miracles the Love and the Ease, the Joy and the Grace, the Passion and the Compassion, the Play and the Sincerity, the True Empath and the Kindness, the Fun and the Laughter, the Beauty and the Wisdom , The Caring and the Giving, the Wholeness and the Heartfelt, the Impeccable and the Genius, the Remembrance and the Divine Goddess HerSelf.
The Divine Leader of Love and Supporter of our very own True Nature, a Love & Light Warrior and the Full EMBODIMENT of all that you live, breath, love, share, allow, accept and flow in and through the most BE-You-ti-In-ful ESSENCE of your very Own BEing.
What I feel I may not be able to fully express through my words, and in my heart, is; the Love and the Grace with which you have supported me and all our Soul family has been nothing short of the Embodiment of Love & God Consciousness.
And witnessing you has been so nourishing, nurturing, revitalising, invigorating and life changing to my Soul and all parts of me, as I see and allow the infinite possibilities that are unfolding before my very own eyes.
I AM SO grateful and I honour you with all my heart, my love and the deeply and gratifying appreciation I have for you; for all the gifts and tools, and more so, for your PRESENCE in my life.
My heart and innerstanding is more awakened and I see, feel, hear and sense the calmness, peace and joy in and around me as I move into my very own passions and purpose:- BEing me, and coming into my true authenticity and true nature.
So many gifts have unveiled and are unveiling as I celebrate with You and All in this beautiful life and world we are living in.
I love and honour you with full appreciation as you are the only BEing to have shown me the full love, radical responsibility and integrity that you allowed yourself to embrace in order to be an example to all others, and SHINE your light and Love to the truth & infinite possibilities.
With so much Love & Gratitude to you Beloved.
I Love you dearly.
Stay Blissed & Blessed

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