The Release to Receive Meditation

What's Included:

  • Intro to Meditations (5:10)
  • Directions for Quick Emotional Release (2:41)
  • ā€‹Quick Emotional Release Meditation (8:33)
  • ā€‹Releasing the Resistance (8:32)
  • ā€‹Empowering Beliefs I Now Choose (7:42)
  • ā€‹Let Go & Create Visualization (15:46)

With this meditation bundle, you receive 4 transformational meditations for breaking through the resistance to receiving so you can effortlessly create your greatest experience of life.

Quick Emotional Release

Release and let go of patterns, beliefs, and limitations on a cellular, core, soul, and ancestral level so you can expand into all you choose to receive

Releasing the Resistance

Discover the power of Releasing the Resistance of the past for moving forward to create freedom, joy, peace, gratitude, and abundance in all things

Empowering Beleifs

Consciously create and affirm your best life- the life you truly want- with the Empowering Beliefs I Now Choose meditation

Let Go & Create

This visualization is the fast track to Letting Go & Creating your experience to Be, Do, and Have all you desire now.

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