Manifestation Mastery

Meditation Bundle 

Create Your Best Life NOW

This meditation bundle is designed to accelerate the manifestation of your best life with 6 meditations and extra bonuses to shift your vibration into effortless receiving of prosperity, health, peace, bliss, and love.

  1. Intro Meditations (5:10)
  2. Grounding Into Being Practice (8:56)
  3. Today (8:38)
  4. My Balanced Life (9:10)
    The World, Life,
  5. People/Relationships (9:29)
  6. Love & Gratitude (8:32)
    Money Consciousness (4:06)

BONUS: Ultimate Life of Having it All Visualization (45:09)
BONUS: Theta State Encoding Training (48:27)
BONUS: Theta State Encoding To Manifest Experience (52:03)
BONUS: Daily Manifestation Rituals (16:01)

  • Release the programming, stuck energy, and blocks that get built up inside and project out into the world...
  • Because it is what you are VIBRATING...
  • Receive and allow the fuel that powers your spiritual growth to FLOW. 
  • So that you unleash your fullest, divine expression of life that is your greatest joy and fulfillment...

That is WHY you are here.

Through breath work, chakra clearing, and other releasing techniques to cleanse and clear the stuckness,...

You’ll feel new life force energy moving through your consciousness, body, and spirit... 

As you enter remembrance of your truest and natural state of being in joy, peace, abundance, and love....

Utilize this activation routinely to release and receive so that you can create greater abundance in all areas of life....

Accelerate Your Manifestation Journey TODAY