Awakened Relationships Program

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  • Create harmony in your relationships with your partners, loved ones, kids, friends, co-workers… and YOURSELF
  • ​Release the parameters, judgements, and conditions that block unconditional love and acceptance.
  • ​​Gain the tools to consciously communicate with others
    ​Express your feelings with peace and clarity to build bridges rather than barriers.
  • ​​Enjoy relationships that grow greater and greater every day

Get tools to consciously create Awakened Relationships from the inside out…

Awakened Relationships works by delving deep into your unconscious programming to transform how you operate in your relationships.

It doesn’t matter how you have been experiencing your relationships until now.

You can uncover the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that keep relationships stuck AND replace them with new programs.

Awakened Relationships gives you the specific action steps to rapidly build trust, connection, and openness as your natural way of operating in all your relationships.

Imagine a whole new experience of ALIGNED relationships … STARTING TODAY!


Start Your Journey to Fulfillment

When you join Awakened Relationships, you get immediate and full access to:


Clearing Your Old Relationship Programs And Stories To Create Space For Ultimate Love, Safety, And Acceptance In Your Life


Healing Your Relationship With You, So You Can Heal Your Relationships With Others, Making Space For Full Expression And True Intimacy


Learning How To Speak, Think, Feel, and Take Action To Build Deep, Conscious Connection, Un-Guard Your Heart, and Eliminate Settle And Sacrifice From Your Experience


Allowing Love And Connection To Get Better And Better Every Day And Choosing To Create ONLY Epic Relationships In Your Life

Awakened Relationships includes ALL OF THESE INCREDIBLE BONUS Trainings!

Inner Child Healing Time-Hop Activation


This channeled activation supports you in creating a pathway to your inner child and your highest, true self to shift any experiences or traumas that are holding you back.

Love & Gratitude Meditation


Embody the power of Love & Gratitude for creating a greater experience with your relationships.

Relating For Real: Context to Conscious Relationships 


Discover the pathway to creating real, conscious relationships with your beloveds.

Healing & Transmuting Relationships to AWESOMENESS Training


SunDari delivers the truth of how to shift social contracts. Release parameters on your relationships with family and friends as you evolve.

Epic Relationships Breakthrough With Gavin The Great


SunDari and her son, Gavin The Great share the words they use to communicate for connection rather than separation.

How To Shift From Protection Mode To Growth


Learn how to break down and breakthrough barriers as SunDari shares her insights of processing emotions and experiences with her children.


🎁 PLUS - Bonus Access to "Aligned Relationship Expansion" including 8 Trainings  
(Value = $1111) 


Introducing special access to "Aligned Relationship Expansion" module from SunDari's Mastermind Program - Align to Manifest


MODULE 1: Creating Safety with the Self: Divine Connection

Foster a deeper connection with yourself as a reflection of the divine.

You'll learn to establish boundaries, communicate effectively, and release trapped emotions for healing. Transform your self-relationship by practicing self-safety and embracing growth opportunities.

MODULE 2: The Way of Neutrality: Embrace Balanced Perspectives

Master the Way of Neutrality by dissolving illusions and alchemizing experiences.

Develop the ability to see beyond illusions and find peace with all experiences life offers.  Discover tools to emotional release & achieve deep healing, peace, and gratitude for everything you life brings you.

Attachments & Behaviors to our Reality: Path to Wholeness

Discover attachment styles along with it's influence & effects on relationships.

Learn strategies for breaking old patterns to live from self awareness, sovereignty, and to transform your relationships to operate from wholeness and secure attachment.


Aligning to Our Highest Fulfillment

Explore yourself more fully through love languages, core needs, laws of importance to discover your greatest core desires.

Develop deep self awareness to transform limiting beliefs, align with your divinity as you empower yourself to create a life of alignment, purpose, and fulfillment.

MODULE 5: Epic Relationships

Transform connections to deepen in love daily as a choice with conscious communication skillsets, tools and practices to nurture relationship growth, deepen bonds and open to greater experiences.  

Healthy Boundaries

Learn how to create clear & healthy boundaries in time, energy, authentic communication, relationships, and intimacy.

Develop understanding and learn to honor yourself, speak up, practice assertive authentic communication & identify any resistance or fears to clear. 


MODULE 7 & 8: SunDari Special Expert interviews 

Experience enlightening conversations that will evolve your relationships. 

Implement tools to freedom and self-discovery as you gain valuable perspectives to empower your journey towards transformation and fulfillment.


We are committed to your continual expansion

As our commitment to you, in becoming apart of this Soul Family Community here to truly prosper and live your greatest life,

we will continually be adding any new trainings or activations from SunDari on Awakened Evolved Relationships as apart of our gift to you.

This means - when you purchase Awakened Relationships, you'll have lifetime access to this platform of information with continual access to all future content we add in as bonus and upgrades for your continual expansion.

Join Now and Transform Your Life


Dear Beloveds,

Your experience of Love and relationships might have come with a lot of pain, suffering and challenges in the past. 

Maybe you recognize your programs to relationships are limiting and will only keep you in suffering. 

Or - you see so much responsibility in what being a parent has to be and look like that it feels so challenging.  How do you grow and expand into the greatest relationships as your experience?  

Through our own healing into MORE Love... It is a doorway to more possibilities for your greatest freedom as you align to LOVE unconditionally and from your Highest Self Awareness. 

For me, the more WHOLE I became, the more simple relationships became. Including this title or “job” of being a mom to my two boys.

These Divine Mentors, I call my "Growth Partners, that truly are two of my greatest teachers.

They have been by my side through our conscious growth journey.

We’ve been on many stages, podcasts, and featured in videos together talking about our experiences and these evolved teachings of how else we can truly BE in relationship.

We’ve traveled the world doing philanthropy work in third world countries and explored the jungles of Colombia together for sacred medicine.  Amazing, epic relationships are built and it is a choice to create them in your life. 

Through this journey, I’ve learned to HEAL my relationship intimacy wounds and allow myself to create the most beautiful, expansive relationships with everyone in my world. 

All your relationships are your sacred divine teachers showing you how to create connection and harmony with all beings and experiences in life.
 Here’s the thing…

We get to release, upgrade & move beyond the old paradigm of relationships.

I wanted to give you the tools to create infinite unconditional love, acceptance, support, trust, peace, and connection as your norm too!

So what do you say?

Are you Ready for Awakened Relationships to be your norm?


SunDari Marci Lock

Marci Lock Mentor
The Alchemist of Light

Total Value = $1675