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7 days to quantum leap your life!

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Upgrade your frequency, heal, activate and access Inner Peace to create the life you want to live now while also together
HEALING the Planet.

✨ Cleanse and release the old, outdated 3D programming that’s been keeping you stuck, worried, stagnant, or afraid

✨ Clear and move the stored energy in your system that’s been leading to disconnect and dis-ease in your body, relationships, finances, and life

✨ Activate and remember your Divine Blueprint stored inside your DNA so that you can embody more of your potential, gifts, and capacity

✨ Reclaim and integrate your ultimate sovereignty so that you can consciously create your new reality

✨ Embody and express the peace, love, and the creativity that you came here to embody

✨ Align fully to who you are and your vibrational match to RECEIVE

Receive these channeled activations designed to cleanse, clear, activate, upgrade, and align your system so that you can receive the New Earth as your reality with ease and grace


Light Code Activations was a Divine Assignment from the Galactic Council during 2020.

There was and continues to be a call for us to deepen our commitment to self and to the practices that support us in aligning our energy and raising our frequency.


Light Code Activations is an answer to that call: SunDari, Marci Lock mentor, guides you through breathwork, guided meditations, activations, frequency upgrades, and practical tools to empower you to operate now as a highly-evolved, heart-conscious human.

As you implement and integrate these activations, returning to them again and again, you’ll open to receive the abundance, connection, bliss, pleasure, purpose, joy, and ecstasy that is your Divine Birthright and is a part of the New Earth we all came here to co-create together.

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When you get your Light Code Activations Product, you receive immediate and full access to…

The 7 Key Video & Audio Activations:

 âœ¨ Cleansing to Heal

ʉϬ Recalibration to Divinity

ʉϬ Integration to Expand

ʉϬ Alignment to Highest Self Consciousness

ʉϬ Integration to Receive

ʉϬ Recalibration to the New Earth Abundance

ʉϬ Coding into Divinity

(Each activation is 45 min to 2 Hr in length, including the teachings, embodiment tools, breath & energy work to guide you through context, activation & integration.)




The Light Code Activations Product Includes


✨ Integration to Embodiment Q&A Call

✨ Receiving Abundance in All Things & True Alignment to Receive Training

✨ Joy Training

✨ Ultimate Life of Having It All Meditation

✨ Daily Manifestation Rituals

✨ The Lock Law of Ascension and Receiving Effect 2 Part Training

✨ Light Code Activations Music Playlist

✨ Maha Kali Mantra (Deconstructing & Destroying All Negative Energy)

(These video and audio bonuses are anywhere from 16 minutes to 3 Hrs in duration.)

Ready for more Inner Peace to co-create World Peace?

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An Open Letter From

Hello My Dear Soul Beloveds,

It is integral that we embody a higher frequency in order to rise above the chaos and support our family of fellow humans who may be getting lost in fear and separation.

These channeled activations and bonus materials will support you in anchoring the New Earth into your current experience, creating the reality you desire no matter the outside circumstances, and helping you be a lighthouse for those in your family and community.

I am so happy and grateful to be making this product available as it has been sought-after for quite some time and was a direct assignment that made such a huge impact. It is being called on again as we are going through the next wave of the planetary upgrades and get to shed what is not in alignment for us to fully activate and live as New Humans of the New Earth.

It is my deepest wish that this supports you in remembering, integrating, and embodying your divinity. I trust that this will help you heal what is ready to be healed, shed 3D constructs, and catapult you into your ability to access New Earth Abundance. 

Thank you for being here to lean into your own healing, which heals the planet, and choosing to create a life you love. It is an honor to journey together. I am sending you infinite love and support through this adventure of your Holy Human Journey.

It’s time to be the EMBODIMENT of Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Compassion & Inner Peace to co-create our New Earth World of Peace.

Thank you for being a part of it.

The Alchemist of Light
Marci Lock Mentor

Rave Reviews about Light Code Activations

Upgrade your frequency and access your greatest healing, liberation & your own Inner Peace to create Light Code Activations now!

Light Code Activations contains some of SunDari’s best and most powerful teachings and transmissions.

The value within this product is immense, allowing you to unlock an entirely new way of being that’s in alignment with your Divinity and your Highest Timeline.

SunDari has worked with 1-on-1 clients for up to a million+ dollars a year to quantum leap and shift their realities. Her abilities were called on to bring these activations to everyone so you can begin to access these shifts within these activations and bonus content now.

Our team is making this product accessible for a small investment so that we can support as many people as possible during these times of Great Change.

The proceeds will all be going to support the building of the New Earth Community Land Project in Bali, Indonesia, being created as a place for healing, transformation, and our New Earth Community.

You can begin activating and accessing massive shifts in your reality STARTING TODAY.

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