Money Medicine

Align With The Frequency Of Prosperity So You Can Manifest Abundance With EASE

Be Prosperity Now!

Money Medicine Series

Align With The Frequency Of Prosperity So You Can Manifest Money With EASE

Get Your Prosperity Now!

Creating, Receiving & Having Money is as Easy as Breathing Air….

What if this was true for you?

Imagine that YOU, in your natural state as a Magnet of Prosperity...

Would attract and receive abundance everywhere and everything always flowing to you.

Because you KNOW how MONEY really works, & you know you are worthy to receive it, have it & be fully supported by the Abundance of life. 

Here’s the truth about operating from Abundance with Ease:

Until you become the VIBRATION of Abundance,
and the worthiness to Receive it...

You’ll continuously run from thing to thing, striving for the solution you think is outside of you that only keeps you in the very same cycle...

Sound familiar?

You get to know that the answer ISN’T OUTSIDE OF YOU…

The answer is you!

"I have tripled my income since listening to SunDari’s Money Medicine training. SunDari's programs have completely transformed my life. I experience more abundance, peace, flow, joy, pleasure, and love than I ever thought was possible before discovering SunDari. If you want to change your life BUY everything SunDari has to offer. It’s 1000% worth it.
— Laura M.


the EXTERNAL “Things” such as the strategy, perfect opportunities, investments, market, or people that you “need” to “finally” have it figured it out to Create & RECEIVE Money


how much Love, Joy, Abundance, Pleasure, Play, Bliss, Harmony, Magic, Miracles and Freedom you are willing to allow yourself to RECEIVE & believe you are WORTHY of to HAVE

THAT has Everything to do with how much money you make as a reflection of How WORTHY you believe you are to be supported and what you are willing to RECEIVE.

What you are manifesting right now is exactly what you are aligned to...

THE TRUTH is that Abundance is literally everywhere and in everything.

What you are Manifesting right now is exactly what you are aligned to...

THE TRUTH is that Abundance is literally everywhere and in everything.

The amount of MONEY you are receiving NOW is simply FEEDBACK of:

  • What you believe you are worthy of
  • What programs of lack and limitation you are operating from 
  • What gets to be HEALED and LOVED to Allow you to come into Alignment to receive ALL that is waiting for you.

"I had an investment stuck and stagnant the past year. After diving in with SunDari and implementing what she teaches, I began to operate at a higher level and felt so much different. Just a few days later I woke up to a message that my investments had broke through the ceiling and I’d just earned $400K. That's just a tiny smidgen of what is possible.”

— Natalie A.

To transform your experience with money, you get to transmute from Scarcity to Prosperity Consciousness

This is so much MORE than just mindset, new beliefs & patterns.

It is Micro Alignment & Embodiment of Abundance.

It’s becoming the Vibrational MATCH to it that will completely change your experience.

YOU ARE and have ALWAYS been worthy to be fully supported by the Universe & the Abundance in ALL aspects of Life

It is available for you...

~ To have the Prosperity to be fully supported

~ The freedom to play & discover all you are and do what nourishes your soul

~The opportunity to create and serve the world with your gifts and passions

Success is your Birthright...

Bliss is your Natural State...

And Abundance is all around you ...


And you want it to be ...

If you are ready to live in Prosperity Consciousness from the vibration and Embodiment of Abundance

Money Medicine will provide you with all the essential tools, guidance & upgrades to transform your well being & wealth in all aspects of life.

To expand and open your capacity to create, receive and have the abundance available in all aspects of life

Only you can give yourself permission to receive THIS by embracing your journey of discovery, healing and implementation to create a life you love.

Living fully supported by the infinite abundance that is always available. 


With The Money Medicine Series, You Will...

  • Get the exact tools to align to the frequency of prosperity so you can manifest money with ease.
  • ​Transmute & heal stuck energies, traumas & programs of struggle and sacrifice into a vibration of continual abundance, prosperity, and luxury
  • ​Explore the depths of prosperity consciousness and how to upgrade your money energetics in all the ways you experience life, to now allow yourself to expand into greater levels of peace and wealth every day.

Money Mindset & Medicine  Training Program
(Value = $1497)

Dive into the audio trainings to align to the frequency of Abundance, Laws of Prosperity and discover what gets to be healed to open yourself to fully Receive.

Abundance Embodiment Activation
(Value = $99)

Channeled Activation from SunDari to open your energetic body, clear and cleans out stuck energy and programs and bring you into Activation to Receive.

The Freedom To Receive  
(Value = $99)

Learn & implement one SunDari's greatest tools for manifestation, create your unique frequency encoding to imprint with & be a vibrational match for the money and life you desire.


Bridging the Gaps to Money Mastery
(Value = $297)

Discover this interview with SunDari to get the exact steps she took to increase her prosperity and what practical steps you can take to master your money story.

Money Super Powers Video Training
(Value = $197)

Discover the super power that SunDari used to create a $170k day and then expanded to $800K weeks and how we all can fully unleash and utilize this power.

Money Skill Sets  
(Value = $297)

Discover how to liberate yourself from beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that are limiting your experience with money and gain the skills required to BE prosperity, wealth, and abundance every day.

     Daily Environment         Manifestation Rituals 
          (Value = $33)

Go behind the scenes to discover how to upgrade your environments to encode & imprint with the vibrations matching what you desire. 


As I wake Up Today Meditation 
(Value = $33)

Awaken to your highest alignment with this Meditation, designed to help you recalibrate and create new prosperity every day, all while enhancing your overall well-being.


The Embodiment of Abundance
(Value = $297)

Training with SunDari & Andrew Salony, world class serial entrepreneur.


Wealth Codes 
SunDari Marci Lock & Garrett Gunderson
(Value = $297)

Access this exclusive from infynit tv as these two shine light on how to apply Wealth Codes into all aspects of life 

New Earth Abundance 
(Value = $1111)

Bonus Access from Aligned To Manifest Mastermind 

List of Trainings below 



As our gift - when you purchase Money Medicine, you'll have lifetime access to this platform of information, along with all future content we add in as upgrades for your continual expansion.


~ PLUS ~ This HUGE Bonus ~

Access to "New Earth Abundance Module" including 11 Trainings from Aligned to Manifest (Value = $1111)

Introducing Bonus from SunDari's Mastermind Program - Align to Manifest - New Earth Abundance, an online program designed to transform your relationship with abundance, success, and prosperity. This comprehensive course features modules on de-programming lack, understanding true creation of abundance through expert interviews, exploring your relationship with money, and uncovering the New Earth laws of abundance.

Engage in abundance integration play, daily manifestation rituals, and exclusive jam sessions to expand your prosperity consciousness. Dive into abundance embodiment activation and bonus content on business money mastery. Embark on this journey to embrace infinite abundance in all aspects of your life. 

  • De-Programming Lack to Receive Infinite Abundance - Shift from lack to receive infinite abundance everywhere.
  • Abundance through the Tool of Money - Evaluate the very sacred connections to our relationship with Money, Time, Our Behaviors and the frequencies we are congruently giving out and what we are in integrity with.
  • New Earth Laws of Abundance - Discover how money is one of our greatest spiritual teachers and mirrors of how we are operating. Learn the New Earth laws for living and Being abundance.
  • Abundance Integration Play - Discover the power of conscious decision-making in your relationship with money through this module, designed to help you redefine wealth, align your values, and create a prosperous mindset to transform your financial experiences.
  • Daily Manifestation Rituals - Enhance your daily life by learning powerful manifestation rituals that support the realization of your desires, fostering personal growth and abundance.
  • Abundance Embodiment Activation - Unlock and embody the codes of wealth, money, and abundance through a transformative activation that enhances your relationship with prosperity and supports greater receptivity.
  • Business Money Mastermind - Gain valuable insights and strategies from Marci's sales mindset and live Q&A session, empowering you to master the financial aspects of your business and achieve success.
  • Manifestation Rituals - Discover and implement powerful manifestation rituals to align your energy and accelerate the realization of your desires and goals.
  • Parallels of Infinite Prosperity (2 Trainings) - Experience the Parallels of Infinite Prosperity Jam Sessions, where you'll gain insights and inspiration to expand your abundance mindset and unlock your full potential for prosperity.
  • The True Creation of Abundance - Discover the True Creation of Abundance through this exclusive training with Andrew Salony, empowering you with tools and awareness to embody prosperity, wealth, and richness, and elevate your journey towards living your best life


Hi, I’m SunDari Marci Lock...

Beloved, these are the tools that completely transformed my experience with money and the ability to receive in life.

Being raised on a farm where we had to grow our own food to survive, the money consciousness and programs I was taught were of lack, scarcity, struggle, and survival.

Life was hard - and it kept getting harder because of my deep programs and beliefs.

It was after discovering that I had a cheating husband & getting divorced, I became a $2 hr waitress, paying my friend to sleep on my couch at night, so I could be a mom by day and wait tables at night to earn enough money to provide food and shelter for them.

This was the result of the same beliefs and programs I’d been living in my whole life.

By discovering and then applying new shifts to my consciousness...

I began to share my own gifts & became known as the mind-body expert on TV w/ a successful program in gyms. 

I then expanded into my online programs, hitting six figures a month without having any sales funnels, ads, opt-in pages, or any paid marketing or gadgets.

Now, clients invest as much as $1 million+ a year to work with me personally, and I share my messages through my online group programs, products, worldwide retreats, podcast, book, tv show and the Sanctuary of Light along with The Training Center of Awakening Consciousness as in Bali. 

I went from a $2 per hour waitress to running a multimillion-dollar embodied empire led by spirit.

So my love, I get how real and frustrating it can all feel.  I understand because I lived in that place my entire life, until I was fed up and knew I got to learn how to see and experience the world, life, people, money and BE with ALL of it differently to create something different.

I share this with you that you can hear that it is possible for you too and that you are supported in creating a new reality.

I created this course for that support, that you too can create the life you desire and 
move forward and receiving what is available for you.

You can shift your experience with money rapidly when you are willing to lean into what is in the way and that is how it becomes easy.


You are your greatest asset and the greatest investment you can ever make will continually be to invest in you.

And I want to make that process easy…

This course was only available for personal clients and my online masterminds.

And now - I want to make it accessible to those that really require it, like I did ...

And those that are ready to upgrade continually to greater and greater levels of abundance and worth as they expand

So, instead of the regular program value of $3,333+…

Get it all today for just $3333+ $222!

Get Prosperity Now!