The Knowing of Remembrance and Liberation with Michelle Lee & Megan Camille - Marci on Medicine Series

What does it mean to Code in, imprint with or anchor into your being “KNOWING” of who you truly are?  Coming into the frequency, vibration and attunement of your true worthiness as a Divine Light Being that then knows they are worthy of creating, receiving and experiencing life in whatever way you desire? 


What does it look like or mean to come to full liberation? What are the stories, programs and unseen shackles within the body and from past experience, epigenetics or lifetimes that are holding you back from this liberation, and what is the process to release them?


Well my loves, we are going there because it is time to hear, see and know what it means to come to your fullest knowing and liberation.  This sacred transmission was delivered by Michelle Lee & Megan Camille, two powerful women who run a Sophia Mystery School and other programs and they shared in one of their communities about their recent experiences with me in Colombia “Portal of Liberation” and the “Journey to Remembrance.”  They share how they received these Truths and codes that they anchored into their being that dissolved programs, illusions and stuck energy in the body to allow them to come to this full knowing and liberation. 


I’m honored to be able to share this here for everyone to receive with their full permission and to follow them or find out more about what they do you can go to


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