Saying Yes to Receive & Remember w/ Danny Dang - Marci on Medicine

Have you wondered what sacraments to work with or when it is time?


What happens when you feel the call, where do you go, what is the process and what can happen?  How do you discern what space, facilitator and medicine is the perfect fit for what you are ready to heal and activate to come into alignment with the life you want to be experiencing?


The Marci on Medicine series is focused on the authentic shares from the individuals across the globe who have leaned into their healing and awakening through these sacred plant medicine teachers.  In this show, Danny Dang shares his journey from being called to medicine, the discernment process and what to be aware of to honor his path and what was calling him forth to heal, how to activate and integrate his gifts discovered and come into his remembrance. 


Tune into his deep insights on how he faced following the calling, and how from the moment he said yes what began to happen and was seen to heal that many don’t talk about as apart of this sacred journey.  What is actually available on the other side of the resistance and how much can be alchemized, healed, activated and integrated from the moment we choose into their support and say yes?


Be transformed and activated from the healings and activations from his journeys along with how he has integrated it into his life and what he is experiencing now by saying yes.  


Who is Danny Dang?  Danny is an Intuitive Guide and Medicine Man deeply connected to the elements traveling the world on a a mission to bring humanity together past the layers of separation through cocreated experiences that include breath, sound, medicine, movement, alchemy and magic.


Danny is an approved facilitator for the Marci Lock Signature Retreats and Ascension Adventures Transformational experiences and has been through extensive training in Marci’s Awakened Embodied Healer program and deep training to work with these sacred medicines and guide individuals through the Marci Lock Medicine Expansion Formula giving the pathway from preparation, working through the layers throughout the process, how to play with the medicines for maximized transformation and the integration for a pathway of safety and support through your entire evolutionary experience into remembrance.


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I am honored to be on this sacred journey with you to full Remembrance, Liberation and living your greatest life adventure!