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Upgrade to the full "Money Medicine" course and Align With The Frequency Of Prosperity.

Money Magic - The Mini Course to Align to Abundance Quickly

💸 Align to the Energetics of Money 💰, Overflow 🌊, Infinite Supply 🔁, Wealth 💎 & True Prosperity 🌟.

Money Magic 🪄 will quickly upgrade 🔝 & redefine your relationship with abundance 🌈.

This mini course 📚 is designed to take you straight to clear awareness 🧠 of what is and isn't working in your money game 🎲 in just a few hours ⏳.

We dive 🌌 into the micro alignments and energetics in every area of operating with money 💵.

Whether you're an entrepreneur 💼, leader 🎖️, or individual seeking financial enlightenment 💡, this course offers insights and practices that can transform your financial journey 🛤️.

Money Magic 🪄 will guide you through the shifts to a life overflowing with abundance 🌊, where money becomes a tool 🛠️ for living the life you desire ❤️, fully supported on your path of expansion 🌱 & personal growth 🌳 while creating the positive impact ✨ you came for.  

The Magic that awaits you inside:

 🌟 Module 1: Money & Abundance Energetics

Become empowered with the awareness to catch the micro alignments and energetics in every area of operating with money. Including the tools to shift your mindset, perceptions, energy and feelings towards money to attune to the next level of their abundance and continue to expand into greater and greater.

 🌟 Module 2: Spending & Circulating Money

Dive deep into the energetics and vibrations of circulating and spending money as we discover the energetics of how our behaviors and perceptions in these areas can either align or misalign with the circulation and flow of abundance.

🌟 Module 3: Overflow & More Than Enough

Here you'll embark on a shift from survival or just enough to thriving abundance. This module delves deep into the common illusions & struggles entrepreneurs face, emphasizing the difference between just having enough and having a surplus. It challenges the traditional notions of wealth and introduces the concept of an infinite supply. It gives insights and points to the spaces where we energetically are buying into these programs we were taught and what is now available to upgrade.

 🌟 Module 4: The Shift

In "The Shift" module, you'll understand the essence of how to create change and manifestation. You'll have a broader viewpoint on the stages required to create vibrational alignment along with looking at the micro details of moment by moment changes when life simply requires you to shift.

 🌟 Module 5: Multidimensional Magic

This module delves deep into the power of energy, frequency, and intention of sharing & marketing in business and all the ways you can energetically connect your business to all you desire. This module will assist you in an understanding of how to align your marketing with higher energies, leading to more authentic, effortless, and magnetic results. Embrace the magic of money by tapping into the multidimensional realms of marketing and being led by spirit.

 🌟 BONUS: Abundance Frequency Activation:

Elevate your frequency to align with an overflow of abundance, prosperity, and wealth. This Activation is infused with powerful encodings, chants and energetic transmissions for your system to imprint with new information, elevated energies & encodings for the life of infinite abundance that is your Divine Birthright.

🔥 Ignite your self-worth 💪 & align with the beliefs that you are deserving 🌟 of your desires ❤️ & a prosperous life 🌈.

🌌 Deepen your connection to the divine ✨, embrace the magic 🪄 & gift 🎁 you are and your worthiness to share your business 🌐 and offerings to the world 🌍.