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The Ultimate Blueprint for Optimal Health, Vitality & Alignment to Liberate Your Body And Your Life

Starts July 2024


2 live trainings calls a month with live support and Q&A

Access to a portal filled with trainings 

Instant access to Bonus transformational Programs,

Resources, Plans & Guides 

Bonus Expert Training Calls 

Transformational Body Healing Experiences 

Lifetime Access to Content + All upcoming updates 

6 Month Program =  Sustainable Implementation to Results 




Consciousness Shifts & Practical Tools to a New Aligned Body of Health

Here's what you'll get in a nutshell:

You are not defined by your body, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. As such, you deserve to create and experience & live in optimal health, vitality, & alignment in your physical vessel, expanding your capacity to fully engage, explore, express, and create with all aspects of life.

We will embark together on a transformative & empowering journey of Alignment into Body Mastery & being Healthy As Fuck. 

Mindset & Consciousness Upgrades to a New Body

Dissolve and heal unconscious programs, discover how your divine light body is designed to operate, and create a partnership and relationship with your body to exist in peace & communion with your sacred vessel.  

Youth Codes & Beauty Hacks 

Unlock secrets to maintaining youthfulness and vitality, reverse aging, with Longevity & Wellness practices, biohacking techniques, to align to your greatest well-being.

Embodiment, Alchemy & Alignment Practices

Experience the transformative power of living through Embodiment, and the alignment practices to  enhance your overall health, vitality, and alchemize to your body's highest alignment as it's natural state of well-being.

Biohacking for Health & Longevity

Discover cutting-edge biohacking techniques to optimize your health, hormones, gut, brain and sleep.  Activate your longevity genes in your DNA, and learn the upgrades to exist in the highest alignment for your wellbeing.  

Nutritional Hacks 

Gain guidance to be at peace with food, including game-changing knowledge, daily living nutritional guidance, fasting & feasting protocols, easy detoxification & digestion tools, glucose hacks, & how to eat for life, pleasure, results, travel & everything in between.  


Fitness Guide

Learn how to design your most effective movement & exercise plan for you & your ultimate well-being.  Get the exact how to's & tips to speed up and magnify your results and keep them for life.  Including supportive workout guides, video's and resources to support you. 

Flexibility Training

This included series of video trainings will take your body to a whole new level of energy flow and capacity.  It will show you how to release the stuck energy that has been creating pains in the body, old or current injuries, shed old constructs & programs creating stagnation, lengthening the body, and will open up new abilities and pathways for you to receive more energy flow, pleasure, and aliveness through your body vessel. 

Etheric Encoding & Body Communication

Develop a deep connection with your body consciousness to communicate directly with your cells and body, activate your dormant DNA, design your ideal body of health, learn to interweave in the etheric realm to manifest all you desire, activate your Ka body & attune to higher frequencies for a high vibe body of health.

Nervous System Regulation

A form of wealth is having a regulated nervous system.  A dysregulated nervous system can make life really challenging, and yet most people don't know any different.  Existing in ease, calmness and peace is also available.  Learn powerful techniques to regulate your nervous system and promote a state of calm and balance. Discover practices that reduce stress, enhance sleep quality, and improve overall well-being.

Alignment through Balancing Hormones, Cycles & Sleep 

Understand the intricate connection between your hormones and cycles and how to work with them for your optimal health and alignment. Discover tools and practices that support hormonal balance and overall well-being & to energetically clear your womb.

Emotional & Energetic Upgrades

Learn how to alchemize and play with all your emotions, and energetic connections to inner parts, programs and/or traumas, experiences or contracts operating through your body.  Heal the relationship with your body and clear your system of stuck energy, emotions and stagnation to open up your energy flow.

Healing Sickness & Disease

Gain the knowledge and tools to decode the messages your body sends during times of sickness, disease, injury or in daily life.  Learn techniques to facilitate healing, address underlying emotional wounds and programs to restore your body to a state of vibrant health.

Flow State Living & Self Love & Pleasure Alchemy to Receive

Discover a new way of being and vibration to live and operate from flow, activate the pleasure within your own body and with all of life to vibrate self love, and the highest worthiness to receive.   


BONUS - 24 Body Breakthrough Workout Videos & Plans & "What's Your Relationship To Food" Audio Training Series

Access a collection of 24+ workout video's that you can do anywhere, along with personalized beginner to advanced plans, & fitness guides to support your journey.

What's Your Relationship To Food" audio training series will allow you to dive into discovery and heal your relationship with food. 

BONUS - "Liberate Your Life" Program 

Receive access to our two most transformational programs to catapult your journey into awareness.  You'll get the exact tools to know how to always move through, heal and alchemize.  Get access to "Freedom Activators" program, along with the 5 Steps Guide to Freedom, and the "Releasing Your Unconscious Commitments" Program  to begin dissolving your unconscious body beliefs operating and learn to alchemize any resistance. 

Guest Experts &

Transformational Healing Experiences 



As apart of our journey to Body Mastery we will dive into experiences of healing for true change. 

Both myself and some very powerful featured guest experts will be taking you through some deeply transformational experiences to heal your body through the  many layers of the physical, mental, emotional, etherical and energetics of the body. 

You'll have the opportunity to experience a Sub-Conscious Hypnosis + Breathwork Reprogramming Experience, Womb Healing Activation, Theta Brain Body Recoding, Energetic Consciousness Clearing Activation & MORE .... Just to name a few!!!

Count Me In!




I have been running successful transformative group programs for 15+ years and absolutely love this space. 

Why?  It is the most magnified space of transformation because you get SO MUCH MORE from a shared environment of reflections, questions, and shares that will allow you to amplify your transformation and results. 

With this curated group, we cultivate and create the most sacred space for you to feel completely safe to show up, ask questions, get support, reflections, share and you'll learn so much even when you aren't the one asking a question.

With Live Q&A time for individualized attention and support, you have the most effective environment to stop guessing and get your questions answered to continually move into greater results.

We are so excited to connect and grow with you!

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I‚Äôm SunDari ‚Äď Marci Lock Mentor ‚Äď The Alchemist of Light ‚Äď For over 25 years I have worked with entrepreneurs, high level leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, teachers, and everyday individuals looking to upgrade their life experience.

I’ve had highly successful programs creating massive results for people with my 90 day Mind Body Transformation Program and I have been a nutrition, fitness, and mindset expert on more than 350 TV stations nationwide, published several cookbooks and created more than 24 workout video programs.

I’ve coached a range of clients from high level individuals and celebrities to moms and entrepreneurs.  From physical programs in gyms to successful online programs, I love working with people from whatever stage they're at to create results that last a lifetime.  

I share these divine life mastery codes and transmissions of wisdom and light through various mediums including my books, podcasts, tv show, online programs, worldwide retreats and through the Sanctuary of Light in Bali.

I understand well the journey of transformation from the many opportunities for growth in my own life and those I also support and guide. My journey of healing and transformation included battling the body through eating disorders, dysmorphia, sickness, disease, self worth issues, & many more along with being a mother of 2 boys & I know the many phases of body shifts & changes we experience through life.

For the outcome of absolute peace with the body and live in the greatest health alignment, I had to dive into all the realms and aspects from emotions, traumas, subconscious programming, and the inner realms to create a new relationship with my body, along with learning how to take care of this sacred vessel to grow a new body, create new beliefs, and live in peace with my body daily.

At 44 yrs young, I am more lean, toned, healthy & in alignment then ever and I live fully embodied & at peace with my vessel to fully thrive. 

You too can now get access to the blueprint that I’ve developed over the last 25 years to achieve full body mastery. 

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.

‚ÄúSince starting this journey, I have grown so much and I have physical proof. I've lost 75 pounds since we started, and my bank account has increased a lot. My life is so wonderful.‚ÄĚ

- Brandi G

‚Äú... You have given me the tools to teach me to get out of my own fucking way and to take that step back and allow everything I've always dreamed of. I'm now flowing in this beautiful flow with life.‚ÄĚ

- Fiona 

Transform Your Body Once And For All ...

I’m so excited for this extraordinary program and going the journey together that will transform your relationship with your body and the results you experience for life.

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to¬†unlock the secrets to your results to live in optimal health, vitality, and alignment.
  • Live in absolute peace with your body and become besties¬†
  • Learn Health Hacks for Longevity¬†
  • Release stuck energy, traumas & programs or symptoms creating¬† resistance in your body to heal & become more light & free
  • Desiring the¬†practical "how to" tools to get results and live in them with ease for life.
  • Learn what is right specifically for you & how to communicate with your body & design your perfect body plan
  • Grow A New Aligned Body & Activate your Youthful Codes to Reverse Age¬†
  • Expand your capacity in every aspect of life
  • Discover the true potential of your body & embrace your full capacity to expand your experience in every aspect of life¬†



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