Liberate Your Life


You GET in Life what you are COMMITTED to & ALIGNED with.

What if you aren't even aware of what hidden unconscious beliefs, programs and commitments you have made that are creating your reality?

A Key Code to Liberate Your Life is to release your Unconscious Commitments 

 Welcome to "Liberate Your Life" a revolutionary program designed to help you break free from the shackles of unconscious commitments and step into your dream reality of  infinite possibilities.

*Have you felt frustrated as to why you just can't seem to manifest what you think you want?

Have you experienced looping in the same cycles of experiences or feel trapped in self-sabotage and limitation? 

If you are willing to discover and release what is creating the resistance to having everything you want,

and you crave true freedom and fulfillment in every area of your life, believing that MORE is available, then you are in the right place and this program is for you.

Settling and tolerating for ok, or good enough & mediocrity can be released.  Fear & unconscious programs can no longer hold you back from your dreams.

With "Liberate Your Life," you'll learn how to identify and release the unconscious commitments that have been holding you hostage, allowing you to finally live life on your own terms.

But that's just the beginning. Our program is packed with practical tools and techniques to help you reclaim your power by aligning to new conscious commitments & the tools to implement them into your life and align them to your desires in every area of life.

You can unleash your full potential to rewrite your story from the subconscious and encode a new reality that truly sets your soul on fire.

And there's more... 



Unconscious Commitments

Learn how to get what you're committed to in your life! 

In this training, I’m going to help you get really clear on the Unconscious Commitments. Then, using my 5-step process, you can shift them to new beliefs and commitments that serve you.


You will receive...

  • The 5 Steps to Freedom Guide
  • Releasing Your Unconscious Commitments Audio Training
  • Opportunity Assignment: Releasing the Unconscious Commitment To Be Consciously Committed
  • Hot Seat Bonus Call

"Liberate Your Life" includes two of my most transformational signature programs to give you all the tools to create and embody your greatest reality now. 

The "Freedom Activators" program included will equip you with the tools and techniques to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. From healing old wounds to manifesting your deepest desires, this revolutionary 5 Step process will give you everything you need to move through any resistance that ever arises, align to what you want, and thrive in every area of your life.

And "Releasing Your Unconscious Commitments" will guide you to discover what has been hidden, what patterns and beliefs are connected and how it is playing out in your life now.  

Then the gold you'll discover is how to re-program to new conscious commitments that you can actually believe, reprogram and imprint with to manifest it as your reality. 

Through these two programs we will shine a light on the shadows of your subconscious, uncover the hidden beliefs and commitments that have been sabotaging your success and happiness & empower you to rewrite your story and reclaim your power.

You can wake up every morning feeling liberated to create whatever you want instead of what you've experienced or believed life to be. 

You have the power to create the life you desire, filled with passion, aliveness, clarity & fully free.

So, are you ready to take this step towards true liberation? 

Join us on this transformative journey and discover the freedom that is your Divine Birthright & you've longed for. 

In Liberate Your Life you will Receive...

  • Freedom Activators Program & 5 Steps to Freedom Guide
  • Releasing your Unconscious Commitments Audio Training
  • Guided Opportunity Assignments to Release the Unconscious Commitments & Re-Program Conscious Committments
  • Bonus - Hot Seat Call
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